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Procedure NameSummary
Application for Visa Registration Certificate of FilmsProcedure for Visa registration of films
Application for Certificate of Mark RegistrationProcedure for obtaining Certificate of Mark Registration
Application for Exclusive Right LicenseProcedure for obtaining Exclusive Right License
Application for Mining Business Registration CertificateProcedure for issuance of Mining Business Registration Certificate
Application for Mining Feasibility Study Report ApprovalProcedure to obtain Feasibility Study Report Approval (Mineral Resources)
Application for Mineral Exploration LicenseProcedure for obtaining Mineral Exploration License
Application for Industrial Mining LicenseProcedure for obtaining Industrial Mining License
Application for Pesticide / Fertilizer Registration CertificateProcedure for Issuance of Pesticide/Fertilizer Registration Certificate
Application for Pesticide / Fertilizer Storage Registration CertificateProcedure to obtain a Pesticide / Fertilizer Storage Registration Certificate
Application for Pesticide / Fertilizer Import and Export CertificateProcedure for issuance of Pesticide / Fertilizer Import and Export Certificate