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NameRequirement for payment of export management fee for obtaining Certificate of Origin on exports
DescriptionAll exports under GSP/MFN are required to obtain a Certificate of Origin and pay an export management fee 30 days prior to the exports of goods.
CommentsGovernance of exports under trade preferential scheme
Validity From04-09-2006
Validity To31-12-9999
ReferenceArticle 1, 5
Technical CodeO
AgencyMinistry of Commerce
Created Date2015-03-03 21:02:39
Updated Date2022-12-12 19:03:27
Measure TypeRule of Origin
Legal/RegulationPrakas No. 136 Necessary Measures for the Governance of Export under Trade Preferential Scheme


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Procedure NameDescriptionCategoryView Procedure Detail with Relevant Forms
Application for Certificate of OriginProcedure for application of all forms of Certificate of Origin ProcedureView


This measure applies to commodity/s
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HS CodeDescription
​​​- ​​​- Pure​​​- bred breeding animals
​​​- ​​​- Other
​​​- ​​​- Pure​​​- bred breeding animals
​​​- ​​​- Other
​​​- Other
​​​- ​​​- Pure​​​- bred breeding animals
​​​- ​​​- ​​​- Male cattle (including oxen)
​​​- ​​​- ​​​- Other
​​​- ​​​- Pure​​​- bred breeding animals
​​​- ​​​- Other
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