Kingdom of Cambodia

Nation – Religion – King


Ministry of Commerce

No. 021 MOC / M 2004

Phnom Penh, February 10, 2004


Regulation (Prakas)


The Issuance of Certificate of Origin for Domestic Handicraft



Senior Minister, Minister of Commerce

–   Have seen Constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia;

–   Have  seen  Royal  Decree  No.  02/NS/94,  dated  July  20  1994  on  the Organization and Function of the Council of Ministers;

–   Have seen Royal Decree No. NS/RKT/1198/72, dated November 30, 1998 on the Appointment of the Royal Government of Cambodia;

–   Have seen Royal Code No. NS/RKM/0196/16, dated January 24, 1996 on the Announcement to use the Law on the Establishment of the Ministry of Commerce;

–   Have seen Sub-Decree No. 54 ANKR, dated September 22, 1997 on the Organization and Functions of the Ministry of Commerce;

–   With the purpose to stimulate the export of domestic products and to facilitate procedure for the exportation of handicraft products made of silk, yarn, iron, rattan, palm leaf, modern and new carving craft, and other utensil accessories,


Hereby Decides


Article 1:

To facilitate domestic handicraft production to have right to obtain Certificate of Origin from the Ministry of Commerce for the exportation of its products abroad, that handicraft production has to register at the Trade Preferences Department of the Ministry of Commerce (by attaching Certificate of Commercial Registration issued by the Legal Affairs Department) in order to obtain the rights to export their products under MFN/GSP scheme (excepted for products under quota)


Article 2:

In case of non-quota exporting products, the issuance of Certificate of Origin (C/O) shall be granted free of charges of any fees including Administrative Fees.


Article 3:  

Director of Cabinet, Director General of Technical Affairs, Director General of Administration and Finance, Director of Trade Preference Department, Director of Foreign Trade Department, Director of Legal Affairs Department, Director of Camcontrol, Director of Administrative Department have to effectively implement this Regulation (Prakas).



Minister of Commerce

Signature and Seal




Copies confirmed to:

–     Cabinet of Samdech Prime Minister.

–     Council of Ministers.

–     Council for the Development of Cambodia.

–     Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

–     Ministry of Economy and Finance.

–     Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy.

–     Ministry of Social Affairs, Labor, Vocational Training, and Youth Rehabilitation.

–     Directorate General of Technical Affairs.

–     Foreign Trade Department.

–     Trade Preferences Department

–     Export Promotion Department.

–     Legal Affairs Department.

–     Domestic Trade Department.

“For Implementation”

–     Royal Gazette.

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