Kingdom of Cambodia

Nation – Religion – King


Ministry of Commerce

No. 097 MOC / SM 2007


Phnom Penh, June 11, 2007



Inter-Ministerial Regulation


The Revision and New Determination of Export Management Fee



Senior Minister, Minister of Economy and Finance

Senior Minister, Minister of Commerce


–   Have seen Sub-Decree No. 54 ANKR, dated September 22, 1997 on the Organization and Function of the Ministry of Commerce.

–   Have  seen  Sub-Decree  No.  04  ANKR,  dated  January  20,  2000  on  the Organization and Function of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

–   By implementing Sub-Decree No. 81 ANKR, dated November 16, 1995 on the Establishment of Financial Inspection on the State Budget Expenditure at Ministries, Municipalities – Provinces, Autonomous Cities, Phnom Penh Municipality, and Public Administration Organizations.

–   In accordance with Regulation (Prakas) No. 285 MOC/GSP, dated October 18, 2005 on the Determination of Export Management Fee.

–   By implementing Regulation (Prakas) No. 004 SHV, dated January 15, 1996 on the Implementation of General Rules on Public Finance.

–   By implementing Instructed Circulation No. 002 SHV, dated February 16, 1996 on the Revenue Account.

–   By Implementing Instructed Circulation No. 001 SHV, dated January 13, 2004 on the Improvement of Formality to implement Budget.

–   Referring to the Announcement No. 682 SCN, dated May 23, 2007 of the Council of Ministers on the Reduction of Export Management Fee for Bicycle Products and the Fixation of Export management Fee for screw/nut products.


Hereby Decides


Article 1:

To revise Inter-ministerial Regulation (Prakas) No. 044 MOC/SM 2007 dated February 09, 2007 on the Revision of Export Management Fee and other concerned  costs  as  stipulated  in  Article  2  by  changing  cost  from  KHR

0.02025/1,000 Square meter to USD 0.02025/1,000 Square meter for all kinds of fabrics.


Article 2:

  To revise Inter-ministerial Regulation No.044 MOC/SM 2007 dated February

09, 2007 on the Revision of Export Management Fee and other concerned costs as stipulated in Article 3 by reducing fee on Bicycle Product from KHR

3,500 per piece to KHR 350 per piece for all exporting destinations.


Article 3:

To fix Export Management Fee for screw/nut product which fee were yet to be defined by imposing fee of KHR 2,000 per ton for all exporting destinations.


Article 4:

Any regulation (Prakas) contradicted to this Regulation (Prakas) is considered null and void.


Article 5:

All concerned institutions under the supervision of the Ministry Economy and Finance and Ministry of Commerce have to implement this regulation (Prakas) in accordance with their individual duty.


Article 6:

This Regulation (Prakas) is legally bound from this date of signatures.





Senior Minister                                                                     Senior Minister

Minister of Economy and Finance                                             Minister of Commerce

Signature and Seal                                                                Signature and Seal



KEAT CHHON                                                                   CHAM PRASIDH



Copies confirmed to:

–     Secretariat General of the Senate

–     Secretariat General of the National Assembly

–     Cabinet of Samdech Prime Minister

–     Cabinet of H.E Deputy Prime Minister SAR KHENG

–     Cabinet of H.E Deputy Prime Minister HOR NAM HONG

–     Council of Ministers

–     National Auditing Authority

–     All concerned Ministries – Institutions

–     All Municipalities – Provinces

–     As per Article 5 – for implementation

–     Documents – Chronicles