Kingdom of Cambodia

Nation – Religion – King


Ministry of Commerce

No. 110 MOC / SM 2008


Regulation (Prakas) 


The Registration for Rights to Export under Trade Preferential Scheme for Handicraft establishment


Senior Minister

Minister of Ministry of Commerce

–     Have seen Constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia;

–     Have seen Royal Decree No. 02/NS/94, dated July 20, 1994 on the Organization and Functions of the Council of Ministers;

–     Have seen Royal Decree No. NS/RKT/0704/124, dated July 15, 2004 on the Appointment of the Royal Government of Cambodia;

–     Have seen Royal Code No. NS/RKM/0196/16, dated January 24, 1996 on the Announcement  to  use  the  Law  on  the  Establishment  of  the  Ministry  of Commerce;

–     Have  seen  Sub-Decree  No.  91  ANKR-PK,  dated  August  01,  2007  on  the Organization and Functions of the Ministry of Commerce;

–     With a view to facilitate and promote development of handicraft establishment at the municipality and provinces in the Kingdom of Cambodia;


Hereby Decides


Article 1:             

To  allow  Municipal  –  Provincial  Commercial  Branches  to  register Handicraft Establishments located in their jurisdiction in order to grant them rights to export under Trade Preferential Scheme.


Article 2:             

Documentary requirements for the above mentioned registration are of the followings:

–     A unique Application Form;

–     Certificate or Permit granted by relevant ministries (original or copied with seal certified true copy by Municipal – Provincial Authority);

–     Confirmed letter and Commercial Registration Certificate (original or copied with seal certified true copy by Municipal – Provincial Authority);

–     Articles of Incorporation (original or copied with seal certified true copy by Municipal – Provincial Authority);

–     Annual Taxes Certificate (original or copied with seal certified true copy by Municipal – Provincial Authority);

–     Lease agreement or Land title of Head Office – Workshop (original or copied with seal certified true copy by Municipal – Provincial Authority);

–     Identification Card of Cambodian national or Passport with more than one Years Validity and two pieces of 4 x 6 Size photograph;

–     Photographs of Head Office, Workshop or production line and products to be exported.


Article 3:    

Municipal – Provincial Commercial Branches has to conduct proper inspection on the location of production and products to be exported, and be ready for reporting to the relevant institutions which have concerned duties on this issue.


Article 4:    

Handicraft establishment has to pay registration fees with amount equal to Riels 5,000 to the Commercial Branch for one registration.


Article 5:  

 After  receiving  all  necessary  documents  and  after  the  inspection  of  production location, Commercial Branch has to grant a Temporary Certificate with 02 months validity to the handicraft establishment.


Article 6:    

Municipal  –  Provincial  Commercial  Branches  has  to  completely  and  sufficiently examine the above application file and then submit these documents to General Directorate of International Trade of the Ministry of Commerce in order to fulfill formality of application to obtain the ministry’s decision to grant Certificate for rights to export under Preferential Scheme with 12 months validity.


Article 7:    

In case, those handicrafts wish to continue their export activity, they have to apply for re-registration in accordance with Article 02 of the Notification no. 014 MOC, dated January 19, 1998.


Article 8:    

Director  of  Cabinet,  Director  General  of  International  trade  General  Directorate, Director General of Administration and Finance, Inspector General, Director of Camcontrol, Director Trade Preference Department, Director of Bilateral Trade Department, Director of Multiple Trade Department, Director of Administrative Department, Director of Accounting and Financial Department, Director of all Municipal – Provincial Commercial Branches have to effectively implement this Regulation (Prakas) starting from the date this undersigned signature.



Senior Minister

Minister of Commerce


Signature and Seal




Copies confirmed to:

Phnom Penh, April 11, 2008

–      Cabinet of Samdech Aka Mohasena Padei Decho HUN SEN                    

–      Cabinet of H.E Deputy Prime Minister SAR KHENG                           

–      Cabinet of H. E Deputy Prime Minister HOR NAMHONG                        

–      Council of Ministers

–      Council for the Development of Cambodia

–      Ministry of Economy and Finance

–     Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy                                                     

–      Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training

–      Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery

–      As stipulated in Article 8.

–     Documents – Chronicles