Ministry of Commerce

No. 193 MOC / SM 2006


Kingdom of Cambodia

Nation – Religion – King


Regulation (Prakas) On

The Payment of Export Management Fee for Disposable and Protective Products


Senior Minister, Minister of Commerce


–     Have seen Constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia;

–     Have  seen  Royal  Decree  No.  02/NS/94,  dated  July  20  1994  on  the Organization and Function of the Council of Ministers;

–     Have seen Royal Decree No. NS/RKT/0704/124, dated July 15, 2004 on the Appointment of the Royal Government of Cambodia;

–     Have seen Royal Code No. NS/RKM/0196/16, dated January 24, 1996 on the Establishment of the Ministry of Commerce;

–     Have seen Sub-Decree No. 54 ANKR, dated September 22, 1997 on the Organization and Function of the Ministry of Commerce;

–     Referring  to  the  Agreed  Note  of  Samdech  Prime  Minister  of  the  Royal Government of Cambodia, dated September 29, 2006;

–     Have seen Regulation (Prakas) No. 285 MOC, dated October 18, 2005 on the Determination of Export Management Fees;

–     Referring to the necessity of Cambodian Exports in this new era,



Hereby Decides


Article 1: The collection of Export Management Fees (EMF) shall be implemented on Disposable and Protective Products in the way same as implementing on the other ordinary garments.


Article 2: For accessories attached to the above Disposable and Protective Products and deemed for the same single use condition, shall be exempted from Export Management Fees.


Article 3: The Exemption as mentioned in the above Article 2 shall be implemented for all exporting destinations of Cambodian products.


Article  4Director  of  the  Cabinet,  Director  General  of  Technical  Affairs,  Director General of Administrative and Finance, Director General of Inspection, Director of Camcontrol, Director of Trade Preferences Department, Director of Foreign   Trade   Department,   Director   of   ASEAN   &   International Organizations Department, Director of Administration Department, Director of Accounting and Finance Department have to effectively implement the contents of this Regulation (Prakas) from this date of signature onward.



Phnom Penh, October 19, 2006


Senior Minister Minister of Commerce Signature and Seal




Copies confirmed to:

–      Cabinet of Samdech Prime Minister.

–      Cabinet of H.E Deputy Prime Minister SAR KHENG.

–      Cabinet of H.E Deputy Prime Minister HOR NAMHONG.

–      Council of Ministers.

–      Council for the Development of Cambodia.

–      Ministry of Economy and Finance.

–      Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy.

–      Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training.

–      Ministry of Social and Veteran Affairs, and Youth Rehabilitation.

–      Customs and Excises Department.

–      Garments Manufacturing Association in Cambodia.

–      All Garment Factories – for cooperation and implementation.

–      Royal Gazette.

–      Documents – Chronicles.