Kingdom of Cambodia

Nation Religion King



Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy                            

No. 963


Phnom Penh, 29 November 1999








·       Seen the Constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia

·       Seen Royal Decree No. 1198/72 dated 30 November 1998 on the appointment of the Royal Government.

·       Seen Royal Kram No. 0196/05 dated 24 January 1999 on establishment of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy.

·       Seen Royal Decree No. 35 dated 26 April 1999 on setting up the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy.

·       Seen sub-Decree No. 04 dated 26 February 1992 on Management and Quality Control of handicraft-industrial products.

·       Pursuant to the current situation.



Article 1:

To ensure properly the labelling of industrial products under state standard and to prevent faked products, all factories, enterprises and handicrafts must take this product to register at, the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy before selling in the market of the Kingdom of Cambodia.


Article 2:  

The request of product registration must fill up the forms as below:

1- Complete product registration application                                01 copy

2- Provide the draft brand for sticking on product package          01 copy

3- Provide registered certificate or trademark of product (copy) 01 copy

4- List name and raw material norm used to produce                   01 copy

5- Provide abbreviation drawing of product circle                        01 copy

6-     Provide specific product sample for analysis at laboratory and for keeping (obvious requirement

7-     Ensure on product standard                                                             01 copy

8-     Pay the administrative expense and analysis at laboratory.


Article 3:

Official certificate provision in product registration is made after checked the file and product quality with correct manner and under restriction as stipulated in article 2.


Article 4:  

All changes of standard of industry product, producer must renew the product registration.


Article 5:

Advertisements of industry product although whichever ways may permit to advertise for the industry product that registered at the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy.


Article 6:  

One who fakes industry product registration to use illegal benefit shall be punished by force law.


Article 7:  

Prakas or decisions, which is against this Prakas, shall be annulled.


Article 8

This Prakas is effective from 31 January 2000.



Suy Sem




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