Prey Veng highest rice-producing province of 2020

Som / Khmer Times,  

Prey Veng province has been the highest rice-producing province in the country thus far this year, a position usually held by Battambang.

Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Veng Sakhon said this year, 1.4 million tonnes of rice was cultivated from Prey Veng province, making Prey Veng the largest rice producer in the Kingdom.

An overall increase in rice production across all provinces bodies well for the Kingdom amid food security concerns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr Sakhon said that each day Prey Veng province is capable of exporting about 300-500 tonnes of rice.

He said these figures are nearly matched by Kampot, Takeo and Svay Reang Provinces.

“As of June 25, Prey Veng has sowed 165,228 hectares with rice, equivalent to 66.09 percent of its agricultural plain.”

“From May 22 to June 25, Prey Veng exported 72,425 tonnes of rice to Vietnam,” he said.
“The reason behind these large yields is good geographical locations and favourable weather conditions, which has allowed farmers to plant and cultivate rice in every season so far,” he added.

Prey Veng province cultivates around 4,888 hectares of crops which includes 2,740 hectares of corn; 92 hectares of beans; 1,035 hectares of cassava; 35 hectares of peanuts; 293 hectares of sesame; 602 hectares of sugarcane and 883 hectares of horticultural crops.