This procedure is used for application at the Department of Animal Health and Production (DAHP) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAFF) to issue:

  • Veterinary Certificate for imported livestock and animal products
  • Veterinary Certificate for exported livestock and animal products if requested by the importing country

The process and certificate are identical for both types of trade.

The Veterinary Certificate is issued only following an inspection of the animals or products by a Veterinary Inspector at the border. In the case of imports a trader must advise DAHP in advance of the arrival of the consignment. DAHP may decline permission to inspect and import the products on sanitary grounds. If permission is granted the trader must pay a fee for the inspection in advance.

When the goods arrive at the border the trader must inform the Veterinary Inspector so that he can carry out the inspection. The trader may collect the Veterinary Certificate after the inspection has been carried out.

Place for submitting application

All certificates are issued by the DAHP office in Phnom Penh but inspection must be carried out by a Veterinary Inspector at the actual border and the results relayed back to DAHP Headquarters.

Address of concerned Department:

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries


Person of Contact Name:

Person of Contact Tel:




Note 1

This letter needs to be drafted by the applicant and can be in free format.

Note 2

The supporting documents for the Veterinary Certificate are:

  • Import Permit previously obtained from MAF (for imports only).
  • Any documentation describing the animals or animal products and any associated documents relating to their health and/or origin.

Commercial documents (e.g. Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoice) are not necessary.

Note 3

The amount payable depends on the number and type of livestock and products of animal origin to be inspected.


Note 4

Receipt for fees paid for inspection in advance.

Note 5

The trader may now proceed with the normal import/export procedure

Note 6

The trader must present the receipt as proof of payment to the Veterinary Inspector, who will carry out the inspection and prepare a report of his or her findings.

Note 7

Internal report for use by DAHP.

Note 8

Veterinary Certificate issued by DAHP in Phnom Penh.