Free Trade Agreements (FTA)

Cambodia is party to a number of Free Trade Agreements (FTA) entered into between ASEAN on behalf of all member states and other nations. Preferential tariff rates apply to goods imported from these countries and a schedule of reductions over time has been agreed with a view to eventually eliminating tariffs altogether.

Please click here for more information about these agreements and to view the schedule of tariff reductions. 

ASEAN Trade in Goods Agreement

Tariff Reduction Schedules : Cambodia, Lao PDR,  Brunei, , Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam

ASEAN-Australia/New Zealand FTA (AANZFTA)

New Zealand's Tariff Reduction Schedule

Australia's Tariff Reduction Schedule

Link to : AANZFTA website


China's Tariff Reduction Schedule


India's Tariff Reduction Schedule

ASEAN-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership (AJCEP)

Japan's Tariff Reduction Schedule


Korea's Tariff Reduction Schedule



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