Rules of Origin

Preferential rules of origin are applied by Cambodia to some of its trading partners to which it offers zero-duty or reduced-duty access for their imports. Rules of origin are used to determining the eligibility of products to receive such preferential access and they are designed to ensure that only goods originating in participating countries enjoy duty preferences.

The rules of origin applied by Cambodia are those described in the trade agreements it is part of in the framework of the ASEAN Economic Community and its FTAs with third parties, including Japan, China, India, Australia, New Zealand, etc. Click here to view Trade Agreements Cambodia is a party to.

Moreover, in order to enable Cambodian exporters to benefit from preferential access both in countries covered by FTAs or in countries offering it unilaterally – such as under the EU’s EBA – the Royal Government of Cambodia has established a system to issue Certificates of Origin for Cambodian products. Click here to view the application procedure on how to obtain a Certificate of Origin.

In 2013, the Royal Government of Cambodia streamlined the issuance of Certificates of Origin with the Inter-Ministerial Prakas no. 233 on the Modification of Procedures and Formalities of Exports”. Under the new system, exporters are not obliged to obtain a Certificate of Origin (CO) to export their goods, but they might consider to do so if this is required by the importing country or they have a commercial interest to get access to preferential treatments.

To view all legal documents related to Rules and certificate of Origin, please click here to search the Legal Document repository.


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