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NameMandatory hygienic requirements for domestic animal products and animal feeds
DescriptionTransportation of domestic animals and animal products must meet the following conditions: a) animals must be in good health, coming from non-infectious area or not transited through infectious area, and vaccinated by the veterinarian, b) properly packaged and in good hygiene, c) means of transportation, animal raising equipment, cage, and packaging materials for animal products must be treated to kill bacteria and virus prior to and after usage
CommentsTo protect human, animal life or health by regulating, monitoring, and conducting sanitary inspection of animals and animal products movement into and from Cambodia in compliance with veterinary rules on export, import, transit, and transport
Validity From13-03-2003
Validity To31-12-9999
ReferenceArticle 15(a)
Technical CodeA9
AgencyMinistry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Created Date2015-02-23 23:40:13
Updated Date2019-06-14 10:31:56
Measure TypeSPS Measures
Legal/RegulationSub-Decree No. 016 on Sanitary Inspection of Animals and Animal Products
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HS CodeDescription
​​​- ​​​- Pure​​​- bred breeding animals
​​​- ​​​- Other
​​​- ​​​- Pure​​​- bred breeding animals
​​​- ​​​- Other
​​​- Other
​​​- ​​​- Pure​​​- bred breeding animals
​​​- ​​​- ​​​- Male cattle (including oxen)
​​​- ​​​- ​​​- Other
​​​- ​​​- Pure​​​- bred breeding animals
​​​- ​​​- Other
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