There are some requirements with regards to conduction business activities pertaining distribution and import/export of agricultural pesticide; these requirements include:

·        Register pesticide

·        Register pesticide storage

·        Request for import/export authorization


This document shows the application process for Pesticide Registration Certificate

Place for submitting application

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) has no one Single Window. Applicant may go directly to the ministry’s Legal Department, which is the ministry’s technical agency in charge of issuing the certificate. Legal Department has administration office inside the department’s building.

For all types of CLPs above, applicant would go directly to this administration office to inquire about the service, get sample application forms, submit, pay fee, and collects the requested all types of authorization documents.


Address of the Legal Department:


Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Address: #200, Norodom Blvd., Sangkat Tonle Basak, Khan Chamka Mon, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Person of Contact Name: Mr. Sin Savuth (D-DIR of the Legal Department)

Person of Contact Tel: (855) 11 383837



Note 1

Applicant can get a sample application form for both Pesticide and Fertilizer registration at the Administration Office of Legal Department. This sample application can be also used for application for confirmatory analysis and application for bio-efficacy test to receive analytical test report from MAFF’s laboratory. This test report would form one of the supporting documents for Application for Pesticide/Fertilizer Registration Certificate.

However, if applicant has the test reports issued from MAFF-recognized laboratory already, then he does not need to go through application for confirmatory analysis and application for bio-efficacy test.

Note 2

Applicant can assign a representative to submit application and go through the required application process on his behalf. In this case, Power Attorney or authorization letter is also needed to include into the application.


Supporting Documents include:

  • Business Registration Certification
  • Tax Registration Certificate
  • Sample of products
  • Clarification information and data for the application of pesticide registration
  • Certificate of guaranteed analysis from supplier/country of origin
  • Test reports issued from MAFF’s recognized laboratory
  • Results on bio-efficacy test
  • Safety documents issued and certified by country of origin
  • Document on the pesticide poison
  • Document on pesticide residual
  • Document on hazardous risk to human and environment
  • Label in Khmer
  • Sample package
  • Bio-efficacy from the country of origin
  • Assessment report of the production plant and production process (for local producer)
  • CD Soft copy that consists of list of all pesticides/fertizers requested for registration, label and package sample, specification documents and other technical documents

Additionally for Pesticide registration:

  • Pesticide registration certificate issued by producing country or others (if have)
  • Documents on production process, certified by producing country


If applicant submits copied version of any supporting documents that is relevant to applicant’s identification including Business Registration Certificate and Tax Registration Certificate, it is normal requirement that these copied documents be certified by competent authorities first.

Note 3

Internal process starts from technical office inside the department and go through several consideration and approval process by relevant officers/offices in institutional hierarchy order.

During this internal process, applicant may be asked or advised (practically by phone call) by officer to provide further information and/or documents for the completeness of application.

This process would results in primary approval by MAFF on the application and only then the Legal Department may advise applicant about this primary approval and ask applicant to come to pay required service fee.

Note 4

Service fee for pesticide registration is 200.000 KHR.

Service fee for fertilzer registration is 150.000 KHR.

Note 5

The registration certificate is valid for 3 years. One certificate is issued for one specification. This registration certificate may also be a temporary certificate issued with its validity of 1 year, and required by MAFF that applicant provides more needed documents that MAFF deem as needed during this 1 year period to receive a complete registration certificate.

Applicant may bring identification documents of himself and application filing receipt/payment receipt when he comes to collects the certificate.